Need good books for young adults romance fantasy?

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The Isles of Stone Trilogy

Emerald’s Fracture (Book 1)

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good books for young adults romance fantasy
Two Healers fight a dangerous epidemic. Which will be more deadly – failure or success?

For over two centuries, peace reigned on Ismereld Isle, yet now the drums of war echo across the realm. The country to their north sprang a surprise attack that is pulling soldiers and Healers to the front lines – including Healer Natalie Desmond’s former teacher Healer Jules Rayvenwood. Renowned as a Naming Professor of Bridhe of the Isles Abbey, the last time Natalie saw the handsome Healer, she was nearly finished her apprenticeship, wondering if her former professor might ever notice her. Now a full-fledged Healer, Natalie hopes, yet fears, each new patient may be her lost teacher.

Yet when Healer Jules Rayvenwood does return to the Abbey, the war overshadows his homecoming. He is a changed man, both in body and mind. Gone is the jovial and patient teacher Natalie once knew. In his place is an angry and bitter man with a quick tongue and lashing temper, one that needs her help – yet refuses to ask for it.

In the midst of treating the wounded and the personal drama, news of a fast-acting epidemic reaches the Abbey. Sent far from home to treat the outbreak, Natalie and Jules enter a town of the dead and dying, testing their rocky relationship. Forced to meld their powers to Heal, the pair struggles to uncover the cause of the disease even as malevolent forces and shadowy secrets swirl around them.

Perfect for fans of The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder.

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Sunstone’s Secret (Book 2)

good books for young adults romance fantasy

Exiled unfairly from her home, Healer Natalie Desmond takes refuge amongst a group of spies and elite forces. Desperate to rescue her love, Healer Jules Rayvenwood, from the hands of treacherous Healer Aldworth, Natalie badgers everyone about the status of the mission to recover Jules.

When word comes that Jules is found, Natalie eagerly joins the rescue party. Finding the man she loves broken and at death’s door, Natalie Heals him—only to make a shocking discovery that will alter their fates forever.

Entangled in a web of secrets, deception, and personal turmoil, Natalie and her friends decide to pursue Healer Aldworth to put an end to his schemes and restore peace to their Isles. But just as their daring crusade seems on the edge of success, a secret emerges from the shadows threating all they fight for.


Free Short Stories in the Isles of Stone Trilogy

Emerald’s Sentinel (Book 0.5)

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In this prequel short story to “Emerald’s Fracture”, Eighteen-year-old Natalie Desmond struggles in her new role as a wartime Healer. Ever since the nearby country of Lorelan declared war on her home Isles, her duties have kept her from pursuing a mystery; one of the best Healing teachers mysteriously teachers disappeared, reportedly off to join the Royal Army. That Natalie has always had a crush on missing Healer Juliers Ravenwood is neither here nor there – or so she tells herself.

She shouldn’t pursue him. She shouldn’t even think about him. He doesn’t even know she exists. But her mind simply won’t listen…and she won’t rest until she searches every cart of wounded that’s arrived from the war front.

Between her missing colleague – or is he more? – and the tending to the worst wounds she’s ever seen, Natalie must dig deep to remember why she became a Healer in the first place.

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Emerald’s Betrayal (Book 0.5)

good books for young adults romance fantasy

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It’s the winter holidays and Healer Jules Rayvenwood hates coming home. His family has always hated that he became a Healer and not pursued the family trade. So no one could be more surprised than Jules when one of the best Healers comes to call for dinner.

When the guest of honor asks to speak with him privately, Jules couldn’t refuse. Presented with a special mission meant for only the most talented Healers, Jules faces a difficult choice: return to the life he’s worked hard to make for himself or help turn the tide of the war that’s recently been declared upon his country. Eager to prove his skills, Jules makes his decision—and faces the consequences.

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