Two Healers Fight a Dangerous Epidemic. Which Will Be More Deadly, Failure or Success?

“Emerald’s Fracture”, Book One in an exciting new YA fantasy romance series is available NOW!

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During her days as a student Bridhe of the Isles Abbey, Healer Natalie Desmond never imagined being a wartime Healer. Her heart aches as she treats the worst wounds she’s ever seen. Each day she hopes her missing former teacher, Healer Jules Rayvenwood, will return from the war. As the months pass by, she know’s it’s most likely he’ll come back as one of the wounded or dead.

Natalie had imagined Jules’s return ever since he went missing: she’d be ecstatic, he’d be proud of her accomplishments. And maybe that schoolgirl crush she harbored for years might grow into something more. But much to Natalie’s chagrin, Jules returns to the Abbey unexpectedly, wounded physically and mentally, and completely hostile towards her. Natalie must now reconcile the man she knew with the temperamental, sarcastic, abrasive man with whom she just can’t seem to get along.

When a deadly disease strikes the port city of Whitestrand, the Council of Healers sends Natalie and Jules to stop it, testing their already rocky relationship. As they race against time to stop the epidemic, they uncover dark forces at work against them, leaving Natalie and Jules to wonder: which will be more deadly – failure or success?

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Emerald’s Sentinel (Book 0.5)

In this prequel short story to “Emerald’s Fracture”, Eighteen-year-old Natalie Desmond struggles in her new role as a wartime Healer. Ever since the nearby country of Lorelan declared war on her home Isles, her duties have kept her from pursuing a mystery; one of the best Healing teachers mysteriously teachers disappeared, reportedly off to join the Royal Army. That Natalie has always had a crush on missing Healer Juliers Ravenwood is neither here nor there – or so she tells herself.

She shouldn’t pursue him. She shouldn’t even think about him. He doesn’t even know she exists. But her mind simply won’t listen…and she won’t rest until she searches every cart of wounded that’s arrived from the war front.

Between her missing colleague – or is he more? – and the tending to the worst wounds she’s ever seen, Natalie must dig deep to remember why she became a Healer in the first place. Get it FREE on ( Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo )